Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Erica's [KAB] Warped Tour blog (WEEK ONE)

June 23, 2008

Warped Tour –Blog

Hello friends!! Erica here with Keep A Breast! We have just begun our 8th year on the Vans Warped Tour and we are so excited about it. We started off with two pre-production days in Pomona last Wed & Thursday which consisted of a lot of sit around and wait time… It was great to re-unite with old and wonderful friends. I met up with my good friend Erin Gorski that runs the recycling program for the tour, went swimming and simply enjoyed the day. On day two of pre-production, we began to get all of our things organized and had our opening meetings to get all of the new people acquainted with the way things work on tour. In the evening, Shaney Jo Darden, the co-founder of Keep A Breast came and joined us. We went out to the Norma Jean record listening party with the tours Myspace crew as well as the pit reporter for this summer tour, Erin Caruso. We all got a decent amount of hang time in before everything started the morning.
Come Friday morning we were all ready to get on with the show. Set up was a little crazy because there were a few problems with our tent. We were supposed to get a new one but it was made incorrectly so we had to retreat back to the old tent. Set up went fairly smooth and everything looked great in the tent! Since we started out in Pomona, we started out big! It was a fairly busy day but the next two days were even crazier in San Francisco on the pier and Ventura on the beach. Each evening there is a BBQ for the late night eaters & hangs. It’s a great spot to get everyone together and meet some new people on the tour. There seems to be a lot of new people this summer so I am pretty excited to meet as many of them as possible.
After Ventura, we had a day off in San Diego, and I could have gone home however I thought it would just be a tease, so I stayed with everyone else. We went to Target & bought bikes for the summer….I opted for the cruiser rather than the usual cheapie BMX bike I usually buy for the tour. Having a bike helps a lot with those super long hauls from the busses to the lot or field where we set up. Erin Gorski and I took a little walk in the morning and found some batting cages and decided to hit a few rounds of softball. Then later back at the hotel I went swimming with a few others to get some more exercise in. Later that evening there was a bowling tournament held in downtown San Diego that benefited the TJ Martell Foundation for Cancer, Leukemia & AIDS Research. There was an online auction for people to bid on a band to bowl with…there were tons of bands that got into it and helped out including Say Anything, Every Time I Die, Shwayze, Valencia and heaps of others…amongst the bands, there were a few other teams including the Myspace team and my team. We bowled okay but unfortunately didn’t make it to the second round. There was a late night dance party with the Story of the Year guys on there bus back at the hotels. The next day we had a day off in Phoenix, AZ at the most amazing resort . There were three pools and a lazy river! Erin & I jumped off the bus early to get in the pool & start a day of relaxation. We had to soak it up on these two days off because the rest of the tour is not going to be quite as luxurious. The next show day is in Phoenix, so we are trying to prepare ourselves for the heat.
So far al of our volunteers have been wonderful, baring the heat and having a great time. We’ll be updating you all again soon with all kinds of great stories from the road!








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