Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pemberton pics!

Pemberton festival 2008.
Rolling Stone exclaimed that "the first annual Pemberton Festival will gladly take the title of next Glastonbury." and Keep A Breast was happy to be there for the official launch of Keep A Breast Canada. That's right! KAB is now a Canadian non-profit organization. We were invited by Emergen-C to also launch Emergen-C PINK! ( the flavor that benefits KAB). This flavor has been selling in the US since last October and  has raised $100,000 to date for KAB!! Pemberton was an amazing event from top to bottom, I'm excited that our first big event in Canada was received so well. Special thanks to Michelle from the Pemberton Staff, The entire Pemberton staff and local community, my brother and sister, and the entire Emergen-C team!
our tent.

we made barbie breast casts! and my brother had to first give them a proper music festival hair cut and color.

Our host Richard from Emergen-C gets into the spirit and paints a mini barbie breast cast! with a cool psychedelic  theme.

these girls painted.. I love you mom! and a cool face on the mini casts!

some casts in our tent.

We had a Pink! lemonade slushie machine! 

and packets to make sure everyone stayed hydrated.

friends love boobies!

my brother thinks he's funny. He is..

Gillian, Christina, Kate and me.. in the middle of a dust storm.

The Flaming Lips.. this was one of the main stages. there were two. They played the ROXY/ KAB PSA's all weekend on 6 big screens! so amazing!

Look for more to come for Keep  A Breast Canada! the blog link is to your right.
We have some great events in the works!

xo-Shaney jo

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