Sunday, July 6, 2008


Girls Kick Ass!
A long time ago a met a girl named Keva Marie, we instantly became friends! I was in design school and she was always wearing the craziest outfits and platform shoes! She started a brand called Poot! and coined the phrase *Girls Kick Ass* Copied by many.. but she's the original. I made the patterns for the first ever Poot! hot pants! Anyway... My post today is about G*K*A*
KAB has had the pleasure of meeting and working with the most ass kicking, smart, inspiring girls around the world! like athletes: Lisa Anderson, Jen Smith, Julie Cox, Rochelle Ballard, Megan Abubo, Chanelle Sladics, Sam Cornish, Layne Beachley, Stephanie Gilmore and musicians like: Joan Jett, Pink, Charlotte Sometimes, Katy Perry, The Donna's and The Randies...
Here's to you... G*K*A*

Here is the first ever KAB TEAM photo shoot!
photo's by Kassia Meador.

Rochelle Ballard, (Hawaii) Surf
Megan Abubo, (Hawaii) Surf

Chanelle Sladics, (Cali) Snow

xoxoxo-Shaney jo

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