Wednesday, July 23, 2008



This weekend is KAB MANIA WEEKEND. so much going on. I'll try to give you reports as we go, but internet is limited.
This is what's going on.

*Shea( KAB team manager ) and Renaud ( KAB French affiliate) will be heading up the KAB tent in the TRANSWORLD SURF JUNGLE!
as the US OPEN OF SURFING. go and see them if you are there. They will have many members of the KAB SURF team onsite.

*Jeepers! is happening in SD. This is your chance to see the 5 foot tall boobies! sculpture painted live by KMNZ_Z and EKUNDAYO.

*I will be in Canada at the Pemberton festival. KAB will have a huge tent! onsite at the festival with Emergen-C PINK! We are officially launching the Pink Lemonade Emergen-C in Canada as well as this is our official launch of KEEP A BREAST CANADA. Look to the side bnar of this blog for the official KAB Canada blog.

*Erica will be in New Mexico this weekend on the Warped Tour.

*and Claire is out on tour for KAB with Mainatin Composure check out the KAB myspace to stay up to date with Claire and where she is at!

that's about it!
thanks everyone for all the love and support!

xo-Shaney jo

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