Saturday, August 16, 2008

Warped Tour & KAB Cincinnati !!

July 30th Cincinnati, OH

Today we are right next door to a water park so many people on the tour are taking a nice long break to take a dip in the pool. Katie and I were good little girls and stayed put in the tent to hang with everyone that came out to the show. We were near the Take Action area with all of the non profit organizations, so that was a nice treat for us. We were able to be near our friends that work with the Warped Eco Initiative as well as Invisible Children.

PS…apparently this entire tour thinks that I am a hairstylist now. It’s funny because I have never properly learned how to cut hair nor style it, however I have given about 20 hair cuts to some of whom may be your favorite musicians.

Jon Cheese getting his hair cut ☺


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