Monday, August 18, 2008

Warped tour LA

That is it. The warped tour is done for this Year. Erica can finally go back home and rest. Thank you so much Carson, and to everyone that went to the Keep A Breast Tent during those crazy 2 and a half months. Thank you guys for all your donations and for buying tee shirts, stickers, and bracelets to help us sprend the word about awareness. There were so many of you Yesterday in Carson, it was absoluty amazing. This last tour date included the extra KAB soldiers, Shaney jo, Lisa, girls from LA, Claire, Baptiste, Renaud, Simon and Sasha. We are really pleased to announce you that we raised over $45,000 for Breast Cancer awareness during the 2008 warped tour. This is Crazy. Thank you soo much! I'd like to give a special thank you to Erica and Shaney that got the 2 frenchies on stage for the Angels & Airwaves Show!

Everywhere we look, we saw support!

The frenchies and Claire

Even more support!

New Tote designed by Nathan Bell of Pony Attack!! and the Sassy Boys

My incredible view from the Stage!

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