Friday, August 15, 2008

Warped Tour San Diego

The 2008 Warped tour in San Diego was totally sick for Keep A Breast. As the KAB team got bigger for this special tour date, including, Shaney Jo, Erica, Katie, Erin Caruso, Claire, Maria, Ponce and the two frenchies, Baptiste and Renaud, we wanted to thank all of you guys for coming in force at the Girlz Garage tent. Thank you so much for all your donations and the interest you gave to The Keep a Breast Foundation, and more generally to the global breast cancer problem. It was a real pleasure to help you guys understanding why prevention is so important to avoid the worst. Many of young girls asked questions about breast cancer all day long, and wanted to know more about this disease; that is great, our all work seemed to be really efficient and this is helping us doing it the right way. Yesterday, was also the premiere of this really nice Photo-on-wood exibition, "SHOT IN THE PIT" by Erin Caruso the 2008 Warped Tour Pit Reporter. The photos will be auction on ebay by September 1st for to benefit Keep A Breast and Unite the United (more info. soon). Thanks again for everything San Diego, The bands, and the warped tour organization.

Lots of Love

Keep A Breast.

xoxoxo-Captain Baptiste from Keep A Breast France.

Shaney Jo with Photos by Erin Caruso

Me, Erica, Renaud and Katie

Claire (happy birthday Claire!)

benefiting Keep A Breast and Unite the United

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